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Gauteng South Africa

South Africa

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Gauteng is the smallest province in South Africa with the largest population of almost 25% of the population. Gauteng also has the fastest growing population and the economic hub of South Africa. Gauteng has a land area of 1.5% of the country and is responsible for a third of the gross domestic product of South Africa. Gauteng is also Africa 7th biggest economy hub. The country's most important educational institutions and scientific institutes are home to Gauteng the population of the province continues to outgrow its economy despite the significant contribution to Gauteng’s gross domestic product.

Gauteng is home to a wide variety of Cultures and attractions. Here are 7 of gauteng's biggest attractions.

1. Gold Reef City, 2. Sandton City, 3. Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens, 4. Pretoria City hall, 5. The Voortrekker Monument, 6. Cullinan Mine, 7. Cradle of Humankind

Johannesburg South

Gold Reef City, Johannesburg

Gold Reef City has entertainment for everyone 24 hours a day. From the latest movies released every week in the cinema to a wide variety of restaurants and fast-food outlets for everyone's taste. The theme park at Gold Reef City includes 18 thrill Rides and 13 dedicated rides for kiddies while for the more historically interesting types you can go down in the only guided tour mine in Gauteng.
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Sandton City

Sandton City

Characterising the Sandton horison, and bragging with some of the most selective retail and relaxation experiences in Africa, Sandton City has solidified themselves as pioneers in development, design, and excitement stores.
This numerous award-winning mall is situated in the core of South Africa's fiscal area, and the very spot that made this area so profoundly sought after.
Home to more than 300 of the world most sought after brands, Sandton City offers a custom shopping experience to the inclinations of many. From an eco-elegant Food District, a family-focussed Fun District, to a light fixture hung Diamond Walk which is home to numerous worldwide luxury brands.
Every year Sandton City is visited by a huge number of local people and travellers the same, those with a flare to encounter the best of South African retail.

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens

If you need to escape the busy city life, then visiting the botanical gardens in Roodepoort will be ideal for you. The beautiful cliffs with the waterfalls is where the Verreaux’s eagles reside in the nature reserve for you to see while having a picnic day and searching for other indigenise species.
The Walter Sisulu National Botanical Gardens offers a 3.5 km hiking trail with the opportunity to learn about fascinating geology while hiking to the top of the waterfall. Diverse rock types can be seen on the 2 and half hour hiking trail with an amazing overlook of the Johannesburg dome.
In 1982 the land were donated to the people of Roodepoort and the botanical gardens were opened 5 years later by the Roodepoort and Krugersdorp city councils.
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Pretoria City Hall

Pretoria City hall

Situated in the central business district of Pretoria is the Pretoria city hall that were completed in 1935 with a semi-Italian classical style with 32 tower bells donated by the former Melrose owner, George Heys. Pretoria city hall can be rented for events with a large stage and can accommodate hundreds of people in the main hall. The city hall is beautifully decorated with large paintings and stone floors with a large garden with water features for excellent photos during events.
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Voortrekker Monument

The Voortrekker Monument

The impressive Voortrekker monument is the only grade 1 national heritage site in Pretoria that was officially opened to the public in 1949 designed by Gerard Moerdijk.
Honouring the Southern Africa Afrikaner history with the display in the hall of heroes and manages of the blood river heritage site. The monument is part of the nature reserve and boasts numerous game in the reserve including Springbuck, Impala, Bles buck, Bush buck and many more. You can do bird watching in the nature reserve while on a hiking trail with the option of cycling or horse riding in the nature reserve. You can attend events that take place at the Voortrekker Monument throughout the year.
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Cullinan Mine

Cullinan is famous for the 3106-carat diamond found in 1905 and is only a 45-minute drive from the capital Pretoria in Gauteng. 25% of the world diamonds over 400 carats were unearthed at the Cullinan mines. Cullinan is well-known for 8 legendary diamonds with the Cullinan diamond as the largest then the Cullinan II with a weight of 317.4 carats and is now part of the imperial state crown displayed at the Tower of London.
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Cradle of Humankind, Krugersdorp

Approximately 90 minutes’ drive or 50Km North West of Johannesburg is the world heritage site, the cradle of humankind at the Sterkfontein caves near Krugersdorp in the Muldersdrif area.
The world heritage site was declared in 2000 and is known for Mrs Ples, a nearly fully adult female skull that was discovered in 1947 by Dr Robert Broom that was part of the University of the Witwatersrand. A near-complete skeleton as part of Australopithecus species was found in 1997 by Ronald J. Clarke at the Cradle of humankind.

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